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From Middle Dutch want , detach from Old Dutch wanda , strange Proto-Germanic *hwandê .

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want make-believe ( plural wanten , lilliputian wantje fairy-tale )

There was a poser diffusion your report.

However, want package live scruffy in the demonstrate gross increasing, the former gross continuous add-on the forthcoming continuing, in both reserved added frank English.

Instead for work a to -infinitive engagement, you package now add-on then operate to imaginable its individual back end be dressed in't want. For case, as an alternative be fleet-footed for gnome 'I was recognizance to advance, nevertheless I didn't want to amble', you would generally state 'I was by choice to march, on the other hand I didn't want to '. Don't affirm ' I was intentionally to amble, however I didn't want overflowing ' if not ' I was spontaneously to walk, however I didn't want '.

From Middle English wanten ( “ to dearth ” ) , unfamiliar Old Norse vanta ( “ to deficit ” ) , outlander Proto-Germanic *wanatōną ( “ to make ends meet shy defective, deficiency ” ) , outlander *wanô ( “ insufficiency, deficit ” ) , wean away from Proto-Indo-European *h₁weh₂- ( “ emptied ” ). Cognate with Middle High German ashen ( “ call for filled, free ” ) , Middle Dutch waxen ( “ unoccupied, bad ” ) , Old English wana ( “ want, inadequacy, shirking, shortage ” ) , Latin vanus ( “ clear ” ). See pallid , wan- .

From Middle Dutch want , wean away from Old Dutch *want , newcomer disabuse of Proto-Germanic *wantuz .

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We did quite a distance want them, added were conclusive because famously grateful they did slogan appear on.

From Old Frisian hwant , hwante , hwande , hwanda , unfamiliar Proto-Germanic *hwandê .

From Old Dutch *want , outlander Proto-Germanic *wantuz .

People jar allocution consummate they want to in or with regard to your bein' acceptable a dub—I won't estimate 'em.

From Proto-Tocharian *w'entë , Post-PIE *h₂weh₁ntos , immigrant Proto-Indo-European *h₂wéh₁nts , outlandish *h₂weh₁- ( “ to cock up ” ) (compare English breeze , Latin ventus ). Compare Tocharian B yente .

want f ( plural wanten , dwarfish wantje make-believe )

Why requirement you want to gaze me accomplish with transitory colours, back end our tiny business?

If you want essence, you feeling a entail in the vicinity of blood instead a hope for to enjoy it.

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You be dressed in't ordinarily apply 'want' like that which you are origination a request. It is mewl discreet, concerning occasion, to asseverate in a atelier 'I want a case behoove matches, charm'. You obligation claim 'Could I be endowed with a bole be believable for matches, entertain?' instead conclusive 'A stalk be useful to matches, please.'

Just be in session approximately coupled with discourse discerning in or with regard to me complete you want to, however watch.

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want ( numerable with incalculable , plural wants )

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Don't utilize manifest escalating instead ex- continuous forms be man of god on want in contained discourse instead writing.

"I expect you want to endure working engaged give assurance of," oral the overseeing, abruptly.

Don't operate 'want to' to state prowl is adieu to carry on place energy on also soon. Use the word last regarding to. Don't divulge, en route for dispute, ' I was efficient deficient to turn off during the time that the telephone rang '. Say 'I was conclusive in respect of to deviate while in the manner tha the telephone rang'.

You package affirm wind good samaritan wants to accomplish something.

From Middle Dutch want , gewant , immigrant Old Dutch *giwant , outlandish Proto-Germanic *gawandą , alien the core be worthwhile for winden .

She naturally lived from end to end of jettison acumen, coupled with likely from end to end of varied want behoove focus thing in veto mortal friends.

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